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TAMS24 - Statistisk teori


2018-02-05: Ny visningstid av tentorna: fredag 8/2 kl 12:15--12:45. Plats: mitt kontor. Tentorna finns för nuvarande på expeditionen.

2018-01-23: Visning av tentorna: måndag 28/1 kl 12:15--12:45. Plats: mitt kontor (eller Beurling en trappa ned om vi blir många). Tentorna finns för nuvarande på expeditionen.

2018-01-09: Todays exam (tentamen) and solutions. There might be some errors in the solutions.. so please let me know if things seem weird.

2018-11-17: I've reported results for the laborations for most of you now. If you've completed the labs and have'nt had the credits reported, get in touch with me. There's always a chance of some error when dealing with lists written by hand. If you didn't complete the laborations, there's still a chance to do so. Contact me.

2018-11-08: Sorry for the delay, I got decked by the flu. Showcasing of your exams will be at thursday 15/11 at 12:00--12:30. Location: my office or Beurling (inside entrance 21 in the B-building. to the left), depending on the amount of people...

2018-10-22: Exam and solutions added. Let me know if there are any errors.

2018-10-18: Added solutions to the example exam. Let me know if you find any errors or if things are unclear. I've tried to write as explicit as I expect from your solutions (apart from text of discussion type). The plan for the last lecture is that I go through the relevant parts of these solutions and maybe some other example if there's time left over. I'll probably talk a bit about the course and exam as well.

2018-10-14: Lecture notes for lecture 10 is up.

2018-10-09: So, as promised, here's an example exam. No solutions right now (later). Now, a caveat: this is an example. That does not mean that things not in this example are not important. If you look back at the exercises from the tutorials, you'll see a lot of problem types that did not show up in this example. The same might not be true for the real exam. But this might give you an idea of how I envision it all hopefully. Use responsibly.

2018-10-01: Added lectures 7-10 (swedish). These are connected and the lines between them might be a bit diffuse when I actually do the lectures.

2018-09-18: Updated the now slightly longer dictionary. Again, let me know if you've heard me use more terms that should be included.

2018-09-10: A recap with some discussion about point estimates can be found here. I'll probably update this one as time goes by. There's also a very short dictionary. Let me know if you've hear me use more terms that should be included. This one should also be updated as time goes by.

2018-09-09: I'm working on some form of short dictionary to help with English to Swedish terms. I'm also working on a short summary of what we've done (in English) so far. This is the result of a discussion with some of you where I understood that the basic concepts might be a bit too abstract. I'm hoping that the tutorials will help make everything more grounded, but maybe this document will help as well. Hopefully I'll put up something useful the next couple of days.

2018-09-06: There are a couple of suggestions for books in English now on the "kurslitteratur"-page.

2018-09-04: Added some lecture notes from the previous incarnation of the course (in English). Also added the laborations (they're in English for the most part).

2018-09-04: So I'll try to write the updates in English in case there's a need for it. A couple of you asked for what I was expecting you to know from the previous course. There's some lecture notes from a course I held in the foundations of probability (in Swedish I'm afraid) that can be found here (TAMS79). It's mostly the first 7 lectures that are interesting for this course. You might recognize some things from the introduction in this course. There's a link to the schedule down below where you can find when the laborations are.

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Matematisk Statistik

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