Matrix Analysis 2015


Friday 30/10 at 13.15-15.00, room Kompakta Rummet (MAI
, B-house, next to entrance 23)

Béatrice Byukusenge: Markov chains
Trinh Van Chien: The QR factorization with applications
Parinaz Kasebzadeh: Joint antenna and propagation model parameters estimation using least-square estimator

Thursday 5/11 at 15.15-17.00, room Kompakta Rummet

Yuxin Zhao: Poincaré separation
Ali Samini: Matrix groups
Fatemeh Ghasemi: Condition numbers

Wednesday 11/11 at 8.15-10.00, room Kompakta Rummet

Kamiar Radnosrati: Target tracking using sensor data
Daniel Rapp: Large-scale matrix factorization
Mikael Hartman: Indicator matrices and irreducible matrices

Friday 13/11
at 10.15-12.00, room Åskådliga Rummet (MAI, B-house, above entrance 21)

Isak Bohman: Total least squares
Xuan Gu: Random matrices
Joel Davidsson: Introduction to Matrix mechanics

Friday 13/11
at 13.15-15.15, room Kompakta Rummet

Markus Wahlsten: Loewner partial order and block matrices
Daniel Verenzuela: Approximation by unitary matrices
Gustav Lindmark: Brammer's theorem on null-controllability with control-restraints
Alexandra Enblom: Householder transformations

Monday 16/11
at 13.15-15.15, room Hopningspunkten (MAI, B-house, between entrances 23 and 25)

Manon Kok: Observability analysis for inertial sensor motion capture
Arpan Ghosh: Prescribed interlacing eigenvalues
Saghi Hajisharif: The QR algorithm
Ehsan Miandji: Compressed sensing in reduced union of subspaces

Wednesday 2/12
at 8.15-10.00, room Kompakta Rummet

Martin Danelljan: Circular convolution of matrices, with applications to visual tracking
Mattias Tiger: Sparse Cholesky factorization of the Gram matrix for kernels with local support, with applications to Online Gaussian Process Regression
Béatrice Byukusenge: Structure of orthogonal matrices

Monday 14/12 at 13.15-15.00, room Kompakta Rummet

Parinaz Kasebzadeh: Ostrowski and Brauer theorems
Kamiar Radnosrati: Bayesian filtering for tracking applications

Wednesday 16/12 at 15.15-17.00, room Kompakta Rummet

Joel Davidsson: The Dirac equation
Alexandra Enblom: Hermitian similarity
Arpan Ghosh: Prescribed diagonal and eigenvalues

Friday 18/12 at 10.15-12.00, room Kompakta Rummet

Isak Bohman: Additive and multiplicative commutators
Xuan Gu: Wishart matrices and distribution

Wednesday 13/1
at 9.15-12.00, room Kompakta Rummet

Mikael Hartman: Graph partition using graph Laplacians
Trinh Van Chien: Massive MIMO in the UL/DL of cellular networks: How many antennas do we need?
Daniel Verenzuela: Deriving achievable rates for MU-MIMO systems
Manon Kok: Ellipsoid fitting for magnetometer calibration

Friday 15/1 at 10.15-12.00, room Hopningspunkten

Markus Wahlsten: Inequalities involving positive definite matrices
Gustav Lindmark: Structure of eigenvectors of sparse matrices

Wednesday 27/1 at 10.15-12.00, room Kompakta Rummet

Yuxin Zhao: Gaussian process for propagation modeling and proximity reports based indoor positioning
Fatemeh Ghasemi: Some tricks for proving positive definiteness of a matrix
Ehsan Miandji: Estimating the direction of arrival using orthogonal matching pursuit

Friday 29/1 at 10.15-12.00, room Hopningspunkten

Saghi Hajisharif: Lanczos tridiagonalization algorithm
Ali Samini: Use of Kronecker product in device registration


Martin Danelljan: Bounds on roots of polynomials
Mattias Tiger: Angles between subspaces