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Theory of integration/Integrationsteori
MAI0067/TA1003, MAI0131, MAI0132.

Examiner: Tomas Sjödin

This is a common page for three courses, which are related as follows. MAI0067 is a 10 credit course, which has also been divided into two parts, MAI0131 and MAI0132, of 5 credits each. The full 10 credit course is also offered to undergraduate students with course code TA1003. On this page we will describe the two 5 credit courses, and the 10 credit course amounts to completing both of these. In the fall 2019 this course is offered as a regular course with lectures.

Examination:The examination consists of compleeting the exercises in the lecture notes. For a PhD student to pass, and for grade 5 for undergraduate students, all exercises should be completed (for an undergraduate aiming at a lower grade we can discuss the set of exercises). In case a solution has some major flaw the student will be asked to redo the exercise, and in case of more minor flaws it is enough to just look at my comments.

To register for the course please send an e-mail to the examiner.

Prerequisites: Only some basic analysis in metric spaces as well as the basic undergraduate courses in calculus is needed to follow this course (apart from a reasonable level of mathematical maturity of-course).

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