' MAI0122 Numerical Methods for Initial Boundary Value Problems
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MAI0122 Numerical Solution of Initial Boundary Value Problems

(This is a compact version of CME326 given at Stanford University during spring 2011, and MAI0106 given at LiU during fall 2011.)
  • Why should I take this course?

    • It provides advanced knowledge of the numerical treatment of Initial Boundary Value Problems (IBVP's).
    • It introduces summation-by-parts operators (SBP) and weak boundary conditions (SAT) for high order finite difference methods.
    • Application oriented students using IBVP's will get hints on how to distinguish between numerical errors and physical events.
  • News related to the course will be published here !

    • Start: 16th of October 10.15 in Kompakta rummet, B-house, corridor A, bottom floor, entrance 23-25.

    Sidansvarig: jan.nordstrom@liu.se
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