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MAI0140 Topics in Optimal Transport/Optimal Transport

This course will treat some central topics in optimal transport theory. It will consist of five compulsory lectures, with a rough plan as follows:

Lecture 1: Some measure theoretic preliminaries and formulations of the Monge and Kantorovich minimization problems.

Lecture 2: Properties of c-cyclical monotonic sets and c-convex functions.

Lecture 3: Kantorovich-Koopmans duality.

Lecture 4: A game-theoretic approach to the duality. Existence of optimal maps.

Lecture 5: An overview of some known results in Euclidean spaces. Brenier's theorem, regularity properties...

Examination: Apart from the attendance to the compulsory lectures each student should make a small presentation on a topic relevant to the course. Some suggested topics can be found here.

We will follow the Lecture Notes on Optimal Transport written by myself.

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