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TANA15 Course Litterature

The main course book is Scientific Computing - An introductory Survey, by Michael T. Heath, McGraw-Hill, 2005. The book is rather good but lacks somewhat in details. On the other hand every chapter has a section with references to both books and software. The book also covers alot of different numerical methods making it a good future reference.

Problems for the seminars are collected in a course kompendium.

In addition to the course book, material for the lectures has been obatined from the books Matrix Computations, by Gene H. Golub and Charles F. Van Loan, and Iterative Methods for Sparse Linear Systems, by Yousef Saad.

A good reference about Least squares problems is the book Numerical Methods for Least Squares Problems, by Åke Björk, SIAM, 1996. The use of Linear Algebra techniques in data mining, e.g. pattern recognition or clustering, is described in Matrix Methods in Data Mining and Pattern Recognition, by Lars Eldén, SIAM, 2007.

Lecture notes will be distributed during the course.

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