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TATM38 Mathematical Models in Biology / Matematiska modeller i biologi

Subject area
Matematik och tillämpad matematik

Credit points
6 hp

Göran Bergqvist


Information for fall 2020.

This course is given in period ht1 (September-October) 2020.
The course is optional for students of TB, KB, MED, I-bio. Ii-bio, Y-med, Y-tm, Yi-med, Yi-tm
, and MAT.
International students (exchange students) are welcome, the course is given in English.

News for fall 2020:

A preliminary version of the course program 2020 and course information is now available in the menu (June 24, 2020).

The course book should be available in Kårallen in August. 

It has been decided that the exam 2020-08-24 will be a normal on-location exam on our campus (provided that no counter-decision is made by the dean, the university management, or the government).

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