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MAI0136 Projects in Optimization of Realistic Complex Systems

There are three projects in the course. A general description of the three situations are given in the case descriptions.

The projects have the following themes:
1. Returpack. Information.
2. PHEV. Information.
3. Snow removal. Information.

Each project deals with a real life problem, although somewhat simplified.

You shall solve the problems and write a report for each project, answering all questions.

Separate information about programs etc. can be found below.
Link to information about the codes (matlab, Vineopt, GMPL/AMPL, snowplan, etc).

All codes shall be mailed to kaj.holmberg@liu.se. Reports shall be mailed in pdf-format.

Data for project 1

Start of model file: initmodel.mod

Data files: ex1.dat, ex2.dat, ex3.dat, ex4.dat, ex5.dat, ex6.dat, ex7.dat, ex8.dat, ex9.dat, ex10.dat, ex11.dat.
All data files in a zip-file: allex.zip

Data for project 2

Shell in matlab: initeldynp.m
Shell in Python: initeldynppy.py

Data files: Battery coefficients: linkbatt.txt, cost coefficients: linkcost.txt.

Paths: path1.txt, path2.txt, path3.txt, path4.txt, path5.txt, path6.txt, path7.txt, path8.txt, path9.txt, path10.txt, path11.txt, path12.txt, path13.txt, path14.txt, path15.txt, path16.txt.
All data files in a zip-file: allpaths.zip

Data for project 3

Parameter file with defaults: spar-def.par

Network in Vineopt-format: Colonia
Network in Vineopt-format: Skänninge norra
Network in Vineopt-format: Åtvidaberg södra
Network in Vineopt-format: Studentryd
Network in Vineopt-format: Vadstena

Subject area: Optimization

Credit points: 4 hp

Examiner: Kaj Holmberg

Page responsible: kaj.holmberg@liu.se
Last updated: 2019-11-29