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TAMS11 - Probability and Statistics

The exam on 2020-03-24 (8:00-12:00) will be given as a home exam.

I will publish the exam problems here on 2020-03-24 at 07:55.

Instructions for the home exam 2020-03-24 (8:00-12:00):

    * On EVERY page of your solution papers, you need to write down: the course code (which is TAMS11), your name and your personal number.
    * Once you are done, you need to fotocopy or scan EVERY page of your solution papers, and then send to the email:mai-tenta@mai.liu.se
    * When you send the email: make sure that the total size of the attachments is not more than 25 MB (otherwise it will not work). Also make sure that the potocopies or scanns are clearly readible.
    * When you send the email: the subject is in the form "TAMS11 + your name + your personal number" (for example, TAMS11 Anna Andersson 19901001-1211).
    * When you send the email: make sure that you send within half an hour after the exam finishes (namely you need to send the email before 12:30 on 2020-03-24).

Note that during the exam, you can only use

    *a calculator,
    *the "formel -och tabellsamling i matematisk statistik (from MAI)".

Subject area
Mathematical Statistics

Credit points
6 hp (tentamen)

Xiangfeng Yang


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