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TATA57/93MA54: Transformteori

Matematik och tillämpad matematik

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Johan Thim


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The exam 2020-06-04:

Information about the exam.
  • The exam will be a home exam given in the system WISEflow. You therefore have to be registered for the exam to be able to participate (I can't do this manually).
  • You will get a mail with information before the exam.
  • You do not need to have access to Lisam to write the exam, it is sufficient to be registered for the exam in question.
  • If you have been granted extended writing time, this will be handled automatically by WISEflow.
  • Your solutions need to be written by hand (on paper or a note pad) and you need to hand in your solutions as a pdf. At this page there's some information about WISEflow and tips about converting images to a pdf. For this exam, we will be using the mode FlowAssign.
  • You can find some more information about MAI:s use of WISEflow at https://old.liu.se/mai/und?l=sv.
  • If you are registered, you should have been sent an e-mail with a link to WISEflow. If you can't find this e-mail (but are registerd) go to WISEflows web page and press LOG IN. Choose eduGAIN and log in using your student ID.
  • The only restriction on the exam is that you are not allowed to enlist the help of others to solve the problems


2020-06-04: Solutions will be available in a couple of days (sorry). We need to make sure that everything has been handled correctly first. If you're worried about the limit for passing the exam, this is set rather high to have the option of lowering it. It is difficult to know how much easier things are under these circumstances. No guarantees, but it's not supposed to be impossible.

2020-05-29: There are now solutions to the example exam. Well... hopefully at least. Let me know if you find any errors or things that look weird.

2020-05-17: Here's the promised example exam. It is my intention that the exam will follow the basic outline of this example. There's a couple of caveats however:
  • The preamble text might change a bit, but this is how I envision the instructions at this point. The final result will look very similar unless something drastic changes.
  • Understand that the problems are examples of suitable problems. The problems on the exam will not be the same. Go back and look at all the exercises. Most things on the exam should feel familiar. I will try to ask questions about all the main sections of the course.
  • The grading limits on the exam are preliminary. This is mainly because of the fact that it is a home exam and I'm unsure of to what extent the literature and other tools will affect the level of difficulty. But under no circumstances will the level of a passing grade be higher than 21 points out of 35 (so 60%). The final limit might be lower. As for the higher grader, that will be finalized when the grading is finished.
  • I will put up solutions later on, but I think it might be a good idea to try to solve this exam without first.

2020-05-16: There's been some updates of the lecture material over the last couple of weeks (and some more will probably come as problems appear). Make sure you have the updated versions if you keep them downloaded.

2020-05-01: So I've been working on a table of formulas for the last couple of days and I have a draft complete now. It's probably riddled with errors (well probably not but I'm sure some things ended up wrong). Let me know if you find something that looks fishy. You can find it here.

2020-04-30: Wrote a couple of pages (in the middle of lecture 5) that deals with examples of functions that satisfy different conditions like u in E, u in E', u' in E etc. Hopefully not too many errors. Let me know if something looks weird.

2020-04-28: Wrote some extra notes in lecture 3 about uniform convergence and how it works for series. Look in the section dealing with the Weierstrass M-test.

2020-04-22: Just about finished the lecture notes (well.. except for all the errors I guess). Going through the final videos now, so the course material should be fairly complete at the end of the week.

2020-04-18: Lecture 3 is updated with a new example at the end. Some questions during the tutorial indicated that another example might have helped (in particular tutorial 2/3).

2020-04-07: I think there's a mistake in the answer to 3.7 (only in the Swedish exercise collection). There's a minus sign missing in front of the series.

2020-03-30: I have now created the Teams course room. Add yourself if not already added.

2020-03-29: The course will start as planned next week. Notice that it is still possible to view the schedule in timeedit and that we will follow this schedule. If the teaching starts up again at campus valla, we will resume precisely where we are in terms of the schedule. Therefore it is important to not fall behind. There are recorded videos under the link 'lectures' along with extended lecture notes. I will upload so that these are accessible at least the day before each lecture (hopefully I can do better than that).

As far as the teaching goes, you will have to learn and work more by yourself. I will answer e-mails as quickly as I can and during the scheduled sessions I will try to be reachable in Teams. I'll open up a group for us and post a link here on Monday evening at the latest. I will also use this time to answer e-mails if there's not too many questions. I'll also try to collect answers to questions somewhere on this homepage if I think the answer will help more than one person.

2020-03-24: The course will be given in English this year (unless something changes). It's okay to ask questions in Swedish but I'll try to keep all information in English. The course plan is now available from the menu to the left. At this point it is unclear to what extent we will be using Lisam.

2020-03-19: Med tanke på situationen med Covid-19 så är det inte helt klart på vilket sätt jag kommer att sköta kursen när det gäller undervisningen (det kan bli så illa att vi blir tvingade att använda Lisam en del...). Jag ska försöka få upp en preliminär kursplan inom de närmaste dagarna (här på hemsidan). Föreläsningsmaterial kommer att dyka upp senare men jag rekommenderar ändå att man skaffar kursboken (det är samma som tidigare år), speciellt då det blir lite annorlunda att följa undervisningen i år.

2020-03-10: Uppdatering på gång. En del skillnader mot tidigare år.

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