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TATA57/93MA54: Transformteori

Matematik och tillämpad matematik

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Johan Thim


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2022-06-03: Exam and solutions (hopefully) can be found in the exam section. Let me know if you find some errors or things that are unclear.

2022-04-10: Here's a link to the Teams-group we will be using TATA57_2022. I've tried to add those who are registered for the course, but older students or people who are not yet registered might want to click the link. We'll use this on thursday 14/4 and possible also the rest of the week. I've caught some type of cold so if that doesn't clear up in time we have to do the whole week in distance mode. Sorry about that.

2022-03-24: Update of homepage for the course is under way. Course litterature is Fourier Series and Integral Transforms av A. Pinkus och S. Zafrany, CUP 1997, along with the lecture notes found under ``föreläsningar'' or ``Lecutres''. The exercises will be found digitally under the ``Kurslitteratur'' or ``Course Literature'' tab when I'm done updating them.

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