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How to use this material.

The videos are recordings of me speaking while I go through a clean copy (well...) of the manuscript I was planning on using when doing the lectures on the white board. I choose this approach since I believe it mimics the regular lecture as closely as I'm able to at this point (and I don't want to refuse anyone to rejoice in my handwriting...). Considering that you now have the option of pausing the lecture, I do keep a slightly higher tempo at points where we're just going through rather mundane standard calculations. I hope that you do pause and try to follow and redo the calculations yourself.

This goes for everything in the videos for that matter. If you know that you learn better by taking notes, treat these as you would a regular lecture by taking notes while the video is playing (and pause if necessary to keep up).

I'm not sure that this approach is the best one, so feel free to let me know what you think. Would it have been better with typeset slides (more similar to the lecture notes below)? Any thoughts are welcome, just send me an e-mail at johan.thim@liu.se. I might not be able to change a lot for this course (but you never know) but the feedback is important if this type of teaching continues.

Video material

(some) Video material in Swedish

This is an experiment with the lectures above translated to Swedish. I guess this might cause some confusion about the meaning of certain terms, so it's up to you if you wish try it out.

Extended lecture notes

So these are the extended lecture notes. They cover the course pretty good, but are still considered to be used alongside the course book. It is also the first time they are used in this form, so I apologize in advance for the errors I'm sure are still around. Let me know if you find any weird stuff or if something is just too dense to get through so I should explain more.

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