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TANA09 Laborations

Laboration 1: Error analysis and equations

In this excercise we will investigate how the computer treats real numbers. In particular we study computational errors and show how to estimate errors. An important application is solving non-linear equations. We study different methods such as fixed point iteration and Newtons method.

Matlab files: NewtonSolv.m
Instruktioner: L1-TANA09-Errors-and-Equations.pdf

Laboration 2: Linear algebra

Linear systems of equations or least squares problems are very important in applications. In this exercise we use the LU decomposition, the QR decomposition and also singular value decomposition to solve a few problems from applications.

Matlabfiler: ElectricCircuit.m, CometTracking.m, DisplayDigit.m.
Datafiler: EluxB.mat, DataSet.mat.
Instruktioner: L2-TANA09-Linear-algebra.pdf

Laboration 3: Interpolation

Matlabfiler: RungesPhenomena.m, SplineError.m, DisplayMap.m, AddPointsToMap.m, DrawFont.m.
Datafiler: L2-Map.png,
Instruktioner: L3-TANA09-Interpolation.pdf

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